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Root Cause Consultation by Functional Doctor

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  • 30-minute session to analyze health history & create a timeline. 
  • 30-minute session by  Functional Doctor to analyze the root cause. 
    • Consultations are conducted online, preferred over video calls. 
    • A personalized holistic plan is created with a focus on Supplements, Diet, Lifestyle & Medicine. 
    • Complimentary Jeevam Health App Premium Membership Acess for 2 Months. Several Live Workshops by coaches. 
      • Regular Yoga, Exercise & Meditation Sessions
      • Diet Management Classes  
      • Sleep & Stress Management
    • 10-20% Discount on functional supplements for members. 


    Note: This price doesn't include any blood test charges. Based on the recommendation from doctors, blood tests can be availed from the partnered lab. 


    What's Next: 

    Complete the onboarding process in Jeevam Health App: 

    Link to download App:

    You will also get a call from the care manager to book your Appointment.

    Who is this for?

    • Diagnosed with Chronic Conditions like Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension, and Psoriasis. 
    • Having persistent symptoms like weight, fatigue, hair fall, irregular period, etc. 
    • Looking for a permanent solution. 
    • Motivated for lifestyle changes & dietary changes. 
    • Is not looking for a quick fix. Jeevam Health treatment is comprehensive & functional.

      Root Cause Consultation by Functional Doctor
      Root Cause Consultation by Functional Doctor
      Root Cause Consultation by Functional Doctor

      Jeevam Fundamentals

      1. Highest Efficacy

      The brand is committed to using only the most effective ingredients in their products, based on scientific research and medical evidence.

      2. Clean Labels

      Jeevam Health is committed to using only the purest, highest-quality ingredients in their products, avoiding any fillers or toxins that could compromise their customers' health.

      3. Personalized Approach

      Jeevam Health recognizes that every individual has unique health needs and goals, and takes a personalized approach to their products and services.

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