Glucose - Fasting

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What is FBG?

Fasting Blood Sugar, also called Fasting Plasma Glucose test, measures your fasting blood glucose level. Fasting means you should not eat or drink (anything except water) for 8 hours. This test is used to screen for prediabetes and diabetes and check the effectiveness of medications or dietary changes for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Apart from diabetes, higher levels of glucose can be seen in insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, and pancreatic, liver, or kidney disease.

Engaging in physical activity and consuming a balanced diet are a great way to control your sugar levels.

Why is FBG done?

The Fasting Blood Glucose Test is done to:

  • Detect diabetes mellitus
  • Screen for high blood sugar in presence of risk factors of Diabetes
  • Detect diabetes during pregnancy or gestational diabetes
  •        Monitor treatment efficacy in patients undergoing treatment for diabetes