Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen
Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen
Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen
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Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Permeability Screen

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Increased permeability of the intestinal barrier to macromolecules is associated with a variety of local and systemic inflammatory conditions. Intestinal permeability can cause systemic inflammation, which can then sustain itself by its ongoing effect on the gut.

Product Introduction :


Cyrex Labs is the World’s leading immunological/intolerance laboratory in the world. The Array 2 was specifically designed to measure antibodies that appear when the integrity of the intestinal wall is compromised.
Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a frequently occurring condition in the modern world. As the name implies, the Leaky gut is a condition where the intestinal wall lets undigested food particles or other improper substances pass into the bloodstream.

There are a few known antigens present in with Intestinal permeability and those include ActomyosinOccludinZonulin, and Lipopolysaccharides (LPS). These tests for different kinds of Leaky gut and will give a few hints about the possible causes.

LPS are large molecules found in gram-negative bacteria. They are endotoxins and trigger a strong immune response if absorbed. This reveals macromolecule-sized infiltration through the intestinal barrier into the systemic circulation.

Occludin is part of the main component of proteins holding together tight junctions (that connect individual intestinal wall cells to each other). The detection of Occludin antibodies suggests that tight junctions are breaking down. This shows the mechanism involved in damaging the intestinal barrier membrane.

Zonulin is the protein that directly regulates the permeability of the intestine. Antibodies to zonulin indicate compromised tight junction regulation. This can be a clue to the presence of an ongoing mechanism involved in damaging the intestinal barrier.

Actomyosin forms a protein complex that regulates the intestinal barrier function by maintaining tight junctions. This measures the mechanism involved in damaging the intestinal barrier.

Cyrex labs measure 7 different antigens that are indicative of leaky gut.

The best test for leaky gut

Why is Cyrex Labs Array 2 the best test for Leaky Gut?

The other option most widely used today is the Lactulose/Mannitol test and it’s been a helpful tool in the past 40 years. In this test, you drink a solution of Lactulose and Mannitol and they measure its levels in urine or blood.

Lactulose absorption suggests a “tear” in the gut barrier and thus intestinal permeability and here are the first misconceptions as this indicates minute leak rather than a tear. Lactulose has a low molecular weight and does not reflect food protein and immune response. The second problem with this test is that it measures only the transfer or small molecules through the paracellular but not the transcellular pathway.

Cyrex Array 2, therefore, measures food like size molecules that trigger immune responses and includes both, paracellular and transcellular pathways.

This test is done by Cyrex Laboratories in the United States. 

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