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Angstrom Magnesium

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Unlock the full potential of magnesium with Angstrom Magnesium - the most concentrated and delicious liquid magnesium supplement on the market! Our ionic form of magnesium is angstrom-sized, making it easily and safely absorbed by your body. Our formula supports strong bones and teeth, combats fatigue, boosts cellular energy, and promotes healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems.



  • Promotes Strong Bones and Teeth
  • Boosts Cellular Energy
  • Supports Nervous System Function
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
Ingredients Details

Angstrom Magnesium contains 100mg of elemental magnesium in each serving, which is equivalent to 21.4% of the daily recommended value for healthy adults on a 2000-calorie diet.

Angstrom Magnesium is formulated using an ionic form of magnesium that is angstrom-sized, which allows for easy and safe absorption by the body. This means that the body can efficiently utilize the magnesium in the supplement, leading to maximum health benefits.

How to use?

10-12 drops in normal water

    Angstrom Magnesium
    Angstrom Magnesium
    Angstrom Magnesium
    • BioActive Ingredients

      High Absorption

    • Toxins Free

      No Fillers

    • Highest Efficacy

      93% Sucess Rate

    • Doctors Approved

      Trusted across India

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