Healthdrinks: One big marketing gimmick

Healthdrinks: One big marketing gimmick

Jeevam Health, a nutrition-focused health startup, is committed to educating people about the impact of food choices on their health. Unfortunately, many parents and children are misled by marketing campaigns promoting health drinks as a solution to muscle growth, height, immunity, and overall well-being. However, these drinks often contain alarmingly high levels of sugar, which can increase the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver and fatty liver disease.

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To illustrate this point, let's examine the nutritional information of some popular health drinks marketed towards kids. Bournvita, Boost, Ovaltine, Horlicks, Complan, Ensure Protein, and Pediasure all have high sugar content, ranging from 13% to 40.4% in 100g. While some of these drinks may have high protein content, their sugar content outweighs the potential benefits of the added protein.

It's worth noting that even Coca Cola, Fanta, Ginger Beer, Five Star chocolate, McDonald's Cheeseburger, and KFC Chicken have lower sugar content than these so-called "health drinks." This highlights the fact that many health drinks are simply marketing ploys with no real nutritional benefit.

Sucrose and fructose, the sugars found in many health drinks, are major culprits for non-alcoholic fatty liver and fatty liver disease in children. It's crucial to scrutinize the nutritional content of advertised "healthy" food products and make informed choices about our children's food and nutrition. Jeevam Health encourages parents to prioritize their children's health by promoting healthy, nutrient-dense foods over sugar-laden drinks.

Finally, to help readers easily compare the sugar content of different health drinks, we've included a table showing the percentage of sugar content in 100g for each of the drinks mentioned above.

Overall, it's clear that being mindful of our food and drink choices is essential for maintaining good health. By educating ourselves and making informed choices, we can ensure that we're giving our bodies the nutrients they need to thrive.

Health Drink

Sugar Content in 100gms

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