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Medicine is not always a solution

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Generic products don't work.

Holistic treatment based on Root Cause of your Condition is the only permanent solution.

Listen from Sandhya itself

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Food is the new Medicine

Only medicine-based approach is not always effective for rising chronic conditions continuously struggle. Medicine dose keep increasing but no help.

One key aspect of treatment is clearly missing.


Simple 3 Step Process

  • 1. Root Cause Assessment

  • 2. Holistic Treatment Kit

  • 3. Buy Kit & Start Journey

Our tool will analyze the root cause of your disorder based on biomarkers, your symptoms, and medical history

Analyze Root Cause

Hyer-personalized treatment plans to address your root cause. This includes supplements, diet & lifestyle.

Analyze Root Cause

Jeevam supplements are designed for highest bio-availability. It target root cause & reverse your symptoms.

Analyze Root Cause


India's 1st Thyroid Focused Care

Address the root cause your thyroid condition by reducing inflammation & improving nutrition. Blend of 4 most essential nutrients to achieve optimal thyroid health.

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Daily Thyroid Care: 2 Months Tablets | Fights Fatigue | Heals Thyroid Gland | Promotes Weight Loss
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Thyroid Weight Loss Kit

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Let's resolve your Queries

What sets Jeevam Health supplements apart from other brands?

Jeevam Health supplements stand out due to their high-grade, bioactive ingredients and clean labeling practices. We prioritize quality and transparency in our products to ensure you get the purest and most effective supplements possible.

What are bio-available supplements and how do they improve health?

Functional supplements are a type of dietary supplement that can help address specific nutritional deficiencies or imbalances to improve overall health and wellness. Jeevam Health offers high-grade, bioactive supplements made without fillers, toxins or unnecessary additives to support your unique health needs.

How can Jeevam Health help me find personalized nutrition recommendations?

Jeevam Health offers root cause based personalized nutrition recommendations that analyze your health history, lifestyle factors, & detailed biomarkers to identify the underlying causes of your health issues. Our advanced technology helps us create personalized supplement recommendations that target the root cause of your health concerns, providing you with tailored support to optimize your health and wellbeing.

How does Daily Thyroid Care work to support thyroid function and hormonal balance?

Daily Thyroid Care combines key nutrients such as selenium, iodine, and zinc, along with L-tyrosine and Ashwagandha, to support healthy thyroid function and alleviate symptoms of hypothyroidism. Our supplement is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to optimize your thyroid health.

What is Jeevam Health's holistic approach to care and how is it outcome driven?

Our goal is to identify the root cause of health issues and provide personalized supplement and dietary recommendations to support optimal health outcomes. We prioritize efficacy in our supplements, and our outcome-driven approach ensures that we measure and track the results of our recommendations to ensure that they are effective. We also have dedicated care managers who help users throughout their health journey to achieve their health goals.

What is Jeevam Health's delivery policy?

Jeevam Health offers Pan India serviceability for all of our products, ensuring that customers across the country can access our high-grade supplements. We also prioritize quick delivery to ensure that you receive your supplements as soon as possible, with most orders delivered within a few days of purchase.